Two Men Arrested in Ugly Manhattan Murder

Two Men Arrested in Ugly Manhattan Murder


New York police officers on Tuesday arrested Florida native James Rackover, 25, and Lawrence Dilione, 28, of Jersey City in relation to the murder of Joseph Comunale following a party in Manhattan, reports New York Daily News.

Comunale was reportedly stabbed 15 times at Rackover’s home on E. 59th St. An effort was made to cover up the killing, with bloodstained clothing found in a bag tossed down a garbage chute and Comunale’s body buried in a shallow grave on the Jersey Shore.

Rackover, an ex-con born James Beaudoin was taken in as a son by jeweler-to-the-stars Jeffrey Rackover, who helped him find his apartment in New York and secured his job at global management consultants Willis Towers Watson.

Rackover and Dillone were charged with hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence, and concealing a corpse. Neither has been charged with murder, though the investigation is ongoing.